How come a storm can knock down one big tree among the rest, and not knock them all down. Because of the tree’s cores and roots. It’s like us. When it comes to integrity, ask yourself

1. Am I the same no matter who i’m with?

2. Am I willing to make decisions that are best for others, even though another choice would benefit me more?

3. Can I be counted on to keep the commitments I’ve made to God, myself and others?

When integrity is the referee, your lips and your life will be in agreement. Your belifs will be mirrored by your behaviour. There’ll be no discrepancy between what you appear to be, and what you are, whether in good times or bad.



- Less Gossip

- Slow to speak, quick to listen

- More bible time

- More routine (as much as possible being a shift worker :( )

- Less late nights


Liking the song!

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That early morning atmosphere on Saturday Morning, where its an early start and not many people are about, the Brayford was quite foggy, and got my train to Peterborough via Sleaford/Spalding etc. Had nice coffee and break there before my next train to Ipswich. Was met by my dad and grandfather, before a LOVELY lunch- Dumplings! A Nanny Classic! Then, we went to Frinton-on-sea, a nice place on the coast, we have gone to for years. In the evening we watched XF and Strictly, was quite good, but bit awkward when Aguilera and Rihanna came on with their outrageous outfits! Sunday, we had a big lunch with Gammon :-D , In the afternoon we went down to the River Orwell for a walk before travelling back to Notts. Caught up with the XF where boring Matt won. Monday, was nice too, went to Toby Carvery with Lewis, and then we went on to Tesco for coffee- the new one in Beeston, which was quite interesting. Caught up loads, then i went to see if Jean and Jim round the crescent were in but they weren’t so couldnt catch up. Lewis came again, and we took Summer home to Tom and Shary’s house. She has grown loads and she is very cute, when she smiles and laughs. The pram wasnt very easy to drive either :s But we were round Tom and Shary’s for a bit. Then I went to Bell Ringing saw my old friends there which was quite nice, and had a bit of a ring, which was quite good. Today, overslept big time but didnt really have anything to go to so wasnt too bad. Got bus in to town where i got the train home- felt a bit long, but I’m here now. Since then have done loads of washing, cleaning and ironing etc. and now ready to go back to work. Was nice when i got back as half the snow had melted, the house was dead warm, and there was lots of food in the fridge, AND my parcels had all arrived, so was chuffed, as i was getting a bit concerned about them. So most my presents done now!


It would be well cool if I got a job/higher job at the Doubletree Hilton which opens in September! I did kinda get headhunted when I bumped into the GM at Sakura Nightclub one night, and he has been in the hotel once or twice. Have just spent about an hour reading/updating my CV and cover letter to send to “Mr R Farrar”. As it is not even built yet, its still early days and so have just let him know I’m not interested. All the advice sites telling me to state which job, but I dont know whats available. Btw, this better not be publishing to FB, as i dont want the hotel to know- as much as I love working at the Express to bits- I’m more bothrered about my career path! Up to now I have just been refusing to apply, assuming there will be vacancies here at the Express when some of them have gone there, but actually there isnt much scope at the budget hotel. I guess God chooses, hes knows where he’s sending me. He did put me here in the first place- lets not forget that! If i am not successful I will be stilll really happy at the Express, besides I am loving it so much!


"I went to the Corner Shop… I brought four corners"

- - Tommy Cooper
Source: telegraph.co.uk